Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Tiredness comes from hard days work!

It doesn't. You know when you get tired from doing absolutely nothing all day? That's what I am experiencing right now... I am living proof people!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Experimental Jetset Magazine Spread

The task was to research a design agency and then design a magazine spread based around their work. My agency was Experimental Jetset, who are based in Amsterdam and use Helvetica as a typeface in a lot of their work as they believe it make sthe design more important if you aren't worrying about which typeface to use.

Newspaper Ad Concept and Design

We were given an event title and we had to come up with a way of advertising the event in a relevant way in a newspaper. The concept is that someone has dirty hands from working hard and has smudged them all over the paper.

Inspirational Posters for the Workplace

We were given a series of quotes from well known figures and were asked to design a series of posters for the Carlisle Enterprise Center in order to brighten up the building.
Tony Dorsett

Tim Blixseth

Thomas Edison

Construction Company Logo Design - Tusk

The concept is that it needed to look 'hard' and strong because stereotypically construction workers are all men. The typeface is Rockwell Bold. The top of the T is meant to represent a tusk.

Old Work

I've been rummaging through all my old (first year) uni work and I've found some bits that I feel are worthy to be shared with everyone. So the pieces that follow are all oldsh pieces of work... Enjoy!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Modernism Vs. Post-Modernism

Modernism and Post-Modernism are terms that are thrown around a lot these days. But I have found, whilst researching for an essay, that defining them is about as easy as drawing blood from a stone.

Modernists seem to try and expand on things that already exist in an imaginative way and try to 'reinvent the wheel'. Post-Modernists on the other hand, don't. They try and question whether there is even a wheel in the first place. They seem to strip everything out of their work, whether it be art or literature, that the modernists hold dear just as a middle finger to the modernists.

Now, I quite like some of the post-modern art because a lot of it is quite typographically driven which is right up my street. But the post modern literature that I've read seems rather drab. There is a lack of any particular plot or narrative which, in my opinion, is what makes a good book worth reading.

If I had to pick to be part of either movement then I would most definately pick Modernism. In general, it seems to be the most sensible.