Friday, 8 October 2010

Opening Night

So here we are, Opening Night. I remember when someone once told me that making blogs was about as easy as open heart surgery. Which I thought was kinda funny because open heart surgery isn't easy at all. But then I realised that it was sarcasm and laughed some more a few days later.... Anyway, I digress, over the next few years I'll be posting things here that take my fancy and I think should be shared with the world or things that I have designed on my Graphic Design course at Cumbria University. So without further dudes, let's watch this thing.

(If anyone thinks that they have heard some of the lines from the previous ^^ before then you must be completely stupid. They are totally and utterly not stolen from an episode of Family Guy called Chick Cancer first aired on 27 July 2007. So stop complaining. It's completely original.)

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